What We Know About The 2024 Corvette E-Ray

We recently got a sneak peek at the anticipated 2024 Corvette E-Ray and posted a short video from Chevrolet which highlighted the sound (or lack thereof) emanating from the newest Corvette model. Chevrolet has just opened the floodgates, sharing more information about the car. Read on and we’ll work our way through several of the questions that many have been asking about this new avenue of Corvette performance.

Electrification and all-wheel drive do make their debut in the 2024 E-Ray Corvette. Thankfully, even the electrified version provides that V-8 performance so many Corvette enthusiasts have come to love. E-Ray is the only sports car that combines two separate propulsion systems to provide internal combustion reliability with the additional responsiveness and stability afforded by eAWD. This combination of old and new is wrapped in a wide-body stance similar to the recently-revealed Z06 Corvette. When it goes on sale later this year, the new E-Ray will be available in a removable roof coupe as well as a hardtop convertible model.

Is The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Electric Or Hybrid?

When the term “E-Ray” was first leaked, many proposed that with GM’s recent announcement to go all-electric, E-Ray had no choice but to go full-on battery power. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here. When asked if E-Ray is an all-electric or a hybrid, the answer could be – both!

Instead of burdening this latest Corvette’s owner with battery-only range anxiety, Chevrolet has combined the benefits of battery power and the internal combustion engine. As a result, E-Ray’s electrified propulsion system provides exhilarating acceleration to power out of corners and effortlessly complete passing maneuvers. It can also provide limited, all-electric propulsion at the driver’s discretion upon startup.

E-Ray combines that throaty V-8 growl with electrification up front. Lithium-ion batteries located mid-ship supply power to the front-mounted motor and gearset, which drives the front wheels.

Behind the passenger compartment, things are still business as usual with the 6.2-liter, gas-fired LT2 V-8 engine. In addition to the 495 ponies going to the pavement through those massive rear wheels, 160 horsepower is on tap to the front wheels thanks to E-Ray’s eAWD electric drive unit.

The additional 160 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels are supplied via a 1.9 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack located between the seats. Space is always a premium with Corvette, and GM engineers have done a great job positioning E-Ray’s compact electric motor and gearset over the front axle while still preserving storage space in the front compartment – AKA “frunk.”

E-Ray features a unique display that reports on the status of both the electric and ICE state of operation.

For efficiency, E-Ray’s electric front-wheel drive system extends 4-cylinder use during Active Fuel Management operation. When performance is desired, the amount of E-Ray’s electric assist is tailored to which driver-selectable mode is selected. Drivers can also opt for the Charge+ feature, which maximizes the battery’s state of charge. And while on the subject of charging, don’t bother looking for a charge port on E-Ray. The battery is charged through regenerative means during coasting, braking, and even during normal driving operations.

How Long Can E-Ray Go On One Charge?

One Corvette option exclusive to E-Ray is called “Stealth Mode.” For all intents and purposes, this could be considered battery-only mode. Stealth Mode is an all-electric drive mode that must be chosen before starting the vehicle. Stealth mode is intended for quietly exiting a neighborhood and is designed for speeds under 45 mph. Chevy made no statement as to how long the car could travel on one battery charge, but the limited speed while in Stealth Mode reveals that E-Ray’s focus is not necessarily battery-only operation. The engine will automatically engage if the speed exceeds 45 mph, the driver requests additional torque, or E-Ray’s battery pack is depleted.

How Fast Is The Corvette E-Ray?

The major selling point of adding power to the front wheels is the additional traction and stability of E-Ray under various driving conditions, no matter how fast the vehicle travels. Whether on ice, snow, or the winding road course, E-Ray’s electric propulsion system only adds to Corvette’s performance. E-Ray’s intelligent eAWD system constantly learns road conditions to adapt to seamlessly meet traction requirements and driver needs. The all-wheel-drive platform helps enhance vehicle stability and traction under any condition. For performance driving, E-Ray’s eAWD makes the hybrid variant the quickest production Vette in history. The additional front propulsion adds to the already impressive V-8 engine’s performance for a combined output of 655 horsepower! With 2.5-second 0-60 and 10.5-second quarter-mile times, many performance enthusiasts will quickly cozy to the additional power and performance of the 2024 Corvette E-Ray.

According to Chevrolet’s website, a “ZER Performance Package” will also be available for those wanting even more performance. The ZER Performance Package comes standard with high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S ZP summer-only tires, specific chassis tuning, and other performance enhancements.

How Much Does The Corvette E-Ray Cost?

All the additional technology does add some heft to the cost of the E-Ray Corvette. However, GM reports that the 2024 E-Ray Corvette will go on sale later this year with a projected starting MSRP of $104,295 for the 1LZ coupe and $111,2954 for the 1LZ convertible model. Chevy also has enabled a Corvette E-Ray visualizer to create your own E-Ray Corvette to your liking and see how much your perfect E-Ray Corvette would cost. For more information, check out the new E-Ray Corvette on Chevrolet.com, and hopefully, that will be enough to hold us over until we start seeing some of these cars in the wild. Just remember, while the C8 Corvettes are hard to miss, with the new E-Ray variant, you may not hear them!

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